Brand: Gund

  • REDEFINING GRAVITY: The Sonic Bounce was designed and engineered in a laboratory for the sole purpose of being the highest bounce ball! This high-density foam ball uses scientific geodesic design to reach insane heights!
  • UNIQUE GEODEDSIC DESIGN: Studies have shown that the traditional sphere traps kinetic energy in bouncy balls, so the innovative geodesic design was created to maximize rebound and produce a higher bounce!
  • PERFECT FOR TRICK SHOTS: The soft high-bounce foam pairs with the unique design of the Sonic Bounce, allowing for easy throwing and catching and making these perfect for outdoor trick shot games with friends!
  • SMALL & PORTABLE: With a diameter of 2.6 inches, or 66 mm, this outdoor bouncy ball is the size of a tennis ball and portable enough to easily fit in a gift bag or backpack!
  • PERFECT GIFT ITEM: These outdoor balls are ideal for kids party favors, birthday gift bag toys and goody bag stuffers for kids! Level up your outdoor party game and master trick shots with the Aerobie Sonic Bounce!

*cannot guarantee color you will receive*

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